Professional Chef For Over 15 Years
I know my style, I’m a british guy who loves our british food, i’ll take a classic and turn it on its head.

" Proudest Moment? Reaching The Semi's of MasterChef The Professionals "
My story so far...

I’ve been a chef for well over 15 years now finding my feet in my trade. I know my style, I’m a british boy who loves our british food, I’ll take a classic and turn it on its head.

My most famous dish for this would be my take on “fish ’n’ chips” which i did for my daughter, Alexandra on MasterChef professionals 2016.
For me its all about using the best product in the correct season and not over complicating it, let the food speak for its self.

I’ve always known what i wanted to do career wise from a very young age, since 9 years old its all i ever wanted, i would always cook with my nanny (Gladys) when we went to see her. My passion for cooking stemmed from there, it went to watching all the original cooking shows with my mum (Carole) to helping my uncle (Ray) cook. To finally training full time at Brighton college of technology ( now Greater Brighton metropolitan MET) under the real godfathers of cooking I’ve never been Michelin trained, i’ve always followed a path i thought was right, its not been easy but i’ve always made the most of it. I have had many highlights in my career but my proudest moment was finishing in the final 6 of 2016 master chef professionals. To walk away a semi finalist was a very proud moment in my career so far.

To be continued...
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