Professional chef for over 15 years
I know my style, I’m a british guy who loves our british food, i’ll take a classic and turn it on its head.
James Villiers, Chef

" Proudest moment? Reaching the Semi's of MasterChef The Professionals "
My story so far...

I’ve been a professional chef for well over 15 years and I now feel I am starting to find my feet in my trade. To be the best in any industry you have to acknowledge that you can never stop learning, that's certainly the attitude I adopt. I know my style of cooking, I’m a british boy who loves our british food, I’ll take a classic and turn it on its head, creating a classic dish with a modern twist.

My most famous dish for this would be my take on “fish ’n’ chips” which i did for my daughter, Alexandra on MasterChef professionals 2016.
For me its all about using the best produce in the correct season and not over complicating a dish, let the food speak for itself.

I’ve always known what i wanted to do career wise from a very young age. Since I was 9 years old it's all i ever wanted to do. When visiting my nanny Gladys I always enjoyed cooking with her. This is where my passion for cooking stemmed from. I then started watching all the original cooking shows with Carole, my mum to helping my uncle Ray in the kitchen. After I left school I started training full time at Brighton college of technology ( now Greater Brighton metropolitan MET) under the real godfathers of cooking. I’ve never been Michelin trained, i’ve always followed a path i thought was right for me. Being a professional chef is hard work, long hours and high intensity. I have always stuck to it and now feel after 15 years I am able to offer a very high standard of cooking. I have had many highlights in my career but my proudest moment was finishing in the final 6 of 2016 master chef professionals. To walk away a semi finalist was a very proud moment in my career so far.

To be continued...

French Retreat, Bordeaux

Food is enormously important in France, where it is afforded almost religious devotion. From breakfasts of buttery croissants bought from the local boulangerie, to duck confit at Perigordian bistros and multi-course feasts at Michelin-starred restaurants – it offers a culinary journey unlike any other. What more could your appetite demand? Well wine of course! And no other place comes close to matching France for the sheer number of bench-mark wines.

Why don't you join me and award winning restaurateur Matthew Pruen as honoured guests for tours, tastings, cooking lessons and sumptuous meals. Enjoy the delights of French food and wine with lots of English house party attitude. If you are interested in booking onto this fantastic trip check out the French Retreats website below.

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 French Retreat, Bordeaux

" Fancy learning to cook with me in Beautiful Bordeaux? "

James Villiers at school

" Great to go back to my old school and share my passion for cooking "
Going Back To School

Another important part of my life is being able to offer something back to my local community. I have recently had the honour of being invited back to my school in East Sussex, Downlands Community School.

I had a fantastic afternoon with some of the year 10 students teaching them some cookery skills. It was amazing how quickly they picked things up and felt glad to be able to help.

James Villiers at school

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